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A view into our distilling process , making award-winning gin using our custom-made gin still from Germany
Awildian Gin is distilled in Thames in the Coromandel by the Coromandel Distilling Company

Our distilling process

How science becomes magic

154 years of knowledge

From ingredients to equipment, creating award-winning gin depends on getting everything right from the beginning.

And we get the tools right: despite cost and effort, we decided right from the start to distill in a custom-made Carl still. Carl is a family-run distillation coppersmith who’ve been in the game for 154 years, so it’s no surprise that they’re the top makers. Our 150L still produces a maximum of 62L of the finest quality gin in each batch, and by distilling in micro-batches, we can give each one the ultimate attention to detail.

A view into the pot of our gin still where New Zealand's finest gins are made

Capturing unique flavours

While you’re probably familiar with the term ‘spirit’ when it comes to alcohol, we consider gin to be a ‘ghost’: it takes on the life of its ingredients during the distillation process. So, every choice matters. We use a sugar cane base spirit because it adds a natural sweetness that enhances our flavour profiles. We use only the finest botanicals and spices, incorporating local produce wherever possible to embrace the unique flavours originating in the Coromandel.

The first step in making Awildian Gin is the maceration process, where our botanicals are steeped in our base alcohol for at least 16 hours

The distilling process

We’re science nerds, so for us gin distilling is an opportunity to strive for perfection - the ultimate refinement of flavours. Our distillation process has four key stages:

We use locally sourced botanicals and the finest internationally-sourced ingredients to make our gin

One: maceration

About two-thirds of our botanicals (excluding the most delicate ones) are steeped in our sugar cane base spirit for 16 hours. Maceration extracts the flavours from the botanicals.

Our custom copper gin still makes the highest quality gin as vapours rise through the distillation column

Two: distillation

The macerated alcohol is added to our Carl still, where it is heated very slowly. Vapours rise from the pot and, as they rise up the column of the still, are refined as they pass through four plates; you can watch the distillate rise through each of the four windows on our still’s column.

Close up details of the pot of our custom Carl gin still manufactured in Germany

Three: percolation

The more delicate botanicals including Damasc rose petals, English lavender, and citrus prefer the percolation process where they are placed into an aroma basket inside our still. Here, they pass their aromas on to the steam without being exposed to damaging heat.

The final step in our Awildian distilling process is oxidation

Four: oxidation

Extraordinarily soft water from the Coromandel Ranges is added to reduce the distillate’s alcohol content from 92% abv to 60% abv. This is the perfect strength for the flavours to settle and combine. For us, oxidation is like a fourth dimension where magic happens and flavours become rounded.

The Coromandel Distilling Company distills in micro-batches to ensure quality

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